Story - The Spanking I Got - Part Two

She let go of me, swatting by butt, 
telling me to go shower and change
 into a clean pair of underwear, 
and to come back 
wearing only my underwear
 and nothing else. 

 As I took my shower. 
My whole body was shaking,
my mind was going 100 miles
 an hour as I anticipated my fate.
I toweled off and slipped into my underwear.

I returned, but not slowly, 
much more quickly 
as if I wanted this.
 Was I crazy? 

She was waiting for me, 
sitting in her favorite spanking chair.
 A straight backed chair,
 she used for such occasions.
 I entered the room and she quietly
 told me to get the paddle. 
I went to the kitchen and there
 it was hanging up for all to see. 
As I took it down from its place, 
and walked back with it.
I handed it over to her, 
she started smacking it against her palm
 a couple of times,
 before reaching for my arm
 and guiding me over her knees.
 She was in no hurry and took her time.
 I have been over her lap many times
 and was no stranger to it. 
Her lap was the platform where
 most of my spankings were given. 
I tried to make myself as comfortable
 as I could, but this time it was different.
 She laid me further over her knees, 
causing me to hang down, she made me
 put my elbows on the floor.
As I did I could feel my feet rise up and off the floor.
 There now she said, this is the way a 
naughty one should be,
 over my knees, but well up 
and your legs free to kick in the air.

I trembled, as I felt her slowly pulling
 down my undies, pulling them all
 the way off. Then tossing them aside. 

My bottom was now bare,
  and even though she has seen my bare
 bottom many times,
 this time it somehow felt different.

 I gave her my bottom,
 anytime she wanted it, 
but I didn't want to this spanking! 

I knew I didn't have a choice
 and trying to talk her out of it
 would get me no where and,
 on the other hand, could anger her.

I jerked slightly when I felt her hand
 on my bare bottom as she 
laid her palm there. It seemed like
 it remained there forever.
 And then suddenly and without warning,
I heard the first slap and knew it had begun. 
She slapped my ass hard!

Spankings from her are no trivial matter,
 and the heat soon built up till
 I was wriggling about on her lap,
  spanked for what seemed like hours,
 but was in reality perhaps 30 minutes or so. 
My butt was on fire 
and I was getting ready to sob.
 I couldn't help it. 
After a particularly hard slap
 to my lower butt and a loud yelp
 from me, she stopped.

This was by no means a reprieve and I knew it,
 she was just pausing to pick up the paddle,
 my spanking was just about to start. 
I felt it as she placed it on my butt,
 as if she was sizing up the target. 
Then I heard it as it landed with
 a loud smack on my already red bottom,
 a second later I heard myself yelp, 
I couldn't have stopped myself if I had wanted to!

The paddling continued at the same pace
 making me yelp each time,
it made contact with my lower butt,
After 20 minutes I was really howling, 
sobbing and crying loudly over her knees.
 I could feel the tears running down my face,
 but she just kept going and said nothing.
I was simply being spanked, 
I had been a bad boy, and she was 
correcting me, that was all. 
The paddle continued to fall on my butt
 and I continued to sob, eventually
 breaking down in one long continuous sob.

There was a slight pause,
Then I felt her grip my waist tightly
 and for the first time She spoke, okay,
lets get this finished up.
 I cannot describe how rapid the paddle
 fell on my butt all I can remember was 
 my sobbing had turned into screaming
 and I was pleading for her to stop with all my heart,
 but the paddle kept coming.
 I don't know how long, 
but I was suddenly aware 
that the paddling had stopped. 
I remained over her lap, sobbing. 
I must have lay there for a good five minutes,
as I felt her rubbing my back and buns. 
It was such a good feeling, 
I was still sobbing though.

As she helped me up, 
my legs almost collapsed.
 She grabbed me and I fell into her arms,
 hugging her. 
 She held me tightly,
 wiping away the tears from my face. 
She raised my tear streaked face 
up in both her hands and looked at me. 
Then she kissed me. 
 We stayed locked together. 
Eventually when I had visibly calmed down,
 though was sniffling loudly,
 she guided me to the corner.
I stood in the corner naked,
 nose to the wall, sniffling.
 I wasn't allowed to touch my butt. 
I didn't dare try either because 
I knew she was in the room 
watching over me.

After half an hour,
 she took me by the arm,
 leading me to our bedroom. 
She spun me round, 
and again we hugged. 
She spoke quietly now, 
telling me how proud she was of me, 
for taking my spanking so well.
 She put me back in the corner, 
and disappeared. 
I didn't know why? 

She came back and turned
 me around, 
 walking me back to the bed.
Before tucking me into bed for the night.
 I laid on my stomach
 while she rubbed cream
 on my very blistered bottom 

The next morning as we shared some coffee
she told me of some changes. 
It was clear from my recent behavior
 that I had been in need of a 
long overdue hard spanking.
 From now on I would get spanked each day, 
to make sure I remembered 
and if I went back to my old ways, 
I would get the same spanking
 I had just gotten, only it would be longer and harder.
I just accepted this decision gratefully.....

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