Story - Spanked for My Erection: An Inappropriate Fantasy

"You know why we are having this talk today, right?" she asks as I stand naked and erect in front of her. I just nod. "Tell me why," she prods.

"My pee-pee's hard," I whine like the little boy that I am.

"Is that OK?" she asks.

"No," I say looking down at my erection, "but I like it when it is hard."

"I know, dear, but we can't have you walking around all the time with an erection, can we?" she asks in her most motherly tone.

"I guess not," I answer dejectedly. I am standing naked and aroused in front of a woman that doesn't consider me a potential sexual partner. I am 'child' and she is adult. She needs a man to satisfy her; not some little boy that can't even control his silly erections. She takes on the role of the mommy of her naughty little boy.

"That is why you have to get a spanking today," mommy explains.

"No, I don't want a spanking!" I interrupt. "Can't I just play with it so that the stuff comes out? Then I won't be hard anymore. I promise!" I don't want to talk about sexy things with mommy but that is better than a spanking.

Patiently and like a good mother she responds, "I know that, baby, but you have to learn to control your erections and that is why you need a spanking."

"No, please...," I whine already almost crying. My erection pulses in the air demanding someone pay attention to it. "Can't I just go into the potty and..."

"No, you are going to get your spanking right now." she interrupts definitively.

"But I might squirt during the spanking," and then almost in a whisper, "I don't like making during my spankings."

"Why not?" she asks clearly enjoying my embarrassment.

I shift a little and look down all the way to the center of the earth, "it doesn't feel good; it just hurts," I say softly.

"Well, that is too bad. If you could control yourself, I wouldn't have to spank your little cummy out and you could just play with yourself in the potty and have your little fun."

"No, I don't like ouchies," I say sort of to myself but unfortunately out loud. I sound like a little boy and I look like one too. I'm mostly hairless except for my head and just the hint of pubic hair above my little erection. I don't have a big penis like the kind that women want but it doesn't know that. It gets all hard and proud like it is more impressive than it actually is. Clear drops of pre-cum keep forming at the tip making it all slippery so that it will be able to penetrate even the tightest of vaginas but they just go to waste.

Sometimes the girls will play with my little penis and make it squirt but they only use their hands and then they giggle and laugh when it starts jerking and pumping. It can squirt pretty good for such a little guy. The girls think it is funny because it is small like a little boy's penis but squirts like it thinks it is a man's.

She just laughs. "Well, that is too bad indeed," she says reaching for the hair brush.

"Oh no, not the hair brush! Please, it is too ouchie. Can't you just spank me with your hand? I promise I'll be good," I beg but absentmindedly touch my penis and give it a little pull. I shiver under the sensation. 

She clearly notices me playing with myself and gives a tsk-tsk sound while shaking her head. "Now, I won't be having you ejaculating without your bottom bright red. Let's have some spanking first and if you are good, then you can have your fun. OK, over you go."

I go to her right side and climb over her lap. Her legs feel warm and soft against my hard erection. I rock back and forth grinding myself against her. In this position, my penis is as close to her vagina as it will ever get. Not like my penis would be any good inside her. I'm sure it would sink into her soft warm wetness and immediately start squirting. I wouldn't have any control and nature--knowing how lucky it was that I was mating at all--would take advantage of the moment and expel my seed in a vain attempt to procreate. I can imagine the disappointment of my lover as I lose control, her justifiable anger, and the sudden change I would feel from powerful conquering man to shameful naughty disappointing little boy.

Just as I start to lose myself in the good feelings (in spite of the narrative in my head), the sound of wood striking taut skin loudly catches my attention followed quickly by a sharp sting. I immediately stop rutting against her legs; I don't want to make her angrier. It probably wouldn't matter though. She spanks me again and again. At first there is a little pause between spanks but she quickly picks up the pace.

No matter how recently or hard I was spanked last time, I am always surprised how much it hurts. It is like my brain can only remember that it hurt but not how bad it hurt. It stings and burns and just keeps getting worse and larger because she spanks all over my bottom. Some parts aren't too bad or at least I can tolerate it more when she spanks on the sides or at the top. When she spanks over my crack or where my bottom meets my legs, it stings so bad that I can't help but make noises like "ow", "ouch", and a long whining "ooo" sound.

My penis is almost forgotten but she makes me wiggle on her lap and sometimes it feels a little bit good for just a second. I am getting soft and the good sexy feelings are going away though I don't think my erection will entirely fade. The spanking will bring blood to the source of the trauma and everything in the general area will get in on the party.

She is spanking like clockwork. Though the spanks are beating out an almost perfect rhythm, she is applying the stings almost randomly. I can handle this pretty well. Nothing hurts too much though all of my bottom is on fire. I know this won't continue and just as I wonder when it will end, it does. She keeps the rhythm but only spanks my right sit spot. My noises become more pronounced. She changes to my left sit spot and I relax just for a second but then the fire starts on the left side and I become very vocal again. I've had enough. I really will be good from now on. The next spank is right on the crack above my bottom hole. If I was more bent over, she would be spanking right behind my scrotum but as it is she thankfully can't reach that. My thighs do get hit and I involuntarily start bucking on her lap. I can't see her but sense she likes that she is getting such a big reaction out of me.

I open up and her spanks strike between my cheeks but when I tense up, my thighs get it. Thankfully she moves back to my right sit spot, then left, and the center. It all just stings and I can't even tell where she is spanking anymore.

Stopping suddenly, "OK, get up," she commands. I struggle clumsily and stand on very wobbly legs and reach up to wipe the tears from my eyes. "No, don't do that. Just play with yourself. I want you to cum with tears in your eyes."

I lower my right hand to my soft but a little swollen penis and start mechanically masturbating. My little guy doesn't respond right away. I keep stroking my flaccid member all the while sniffling and feeling the remaining tears roll down my cheeks.

"Hurry up. If you want to make your little squirt, now is the time," she says impatiently. Of course, that doesn't really help but I do start to harden a little. I think it is instinct or mechanics like sitting on a bumpy bus.

"That's a little better," she said noticing my mediocre erection. "Make your little boy cum so we can finish your spanking."

I'm getting more spanking after I cum? For some reason, this makes me harder but I whine, "no, please."

Ugh, you are such a little child. This isn't sexy time; this is spanking time. This is punishment time. Part of your punishment is having to masturbate in front of me. I want to see how you make your little pee-pee feel all tingly. The second you are all empty, I am going spank your bottom. I'm going to spank all the good feelings away and leave you with a soft little penis and blisters on your bottom. Now face this way," she commands moving me so that I am facing her lap on her right side.

"That's better. Now I can provide you with a little motivation to hurry up!" she says deviously patting my bottom with the hairbrush.

My erection has finally returned and I'm rubbing my little guy furiously. I can feel my testicles bouncing off my legs. She's right about being embarrassed; no one ever sees me do this to myself. "Where should I put it?" I ask nervously.

"Oh, just catch it in your hand. Such a little penis, there probably won't be too much. You can wash up after your spanking." she mocks. "Now, come on," followed by a spank, "no more stalling," followed by another spank. Both spanks make me cry out and jerk my hips forward. My rhythm gets a little messed up for a couple seconds after the fire is reignited on my behind.

She spanks me again and I realize that I will have to focus to make things happen. A couple days ago, I saw a picture of a woman having sex with a man. She was sort of small and had a completely hairless pussy but he was super hairy and had a pretty big dick. He was just putting it in her and the big angry looking dick just barely poking her small pale pink vagina was really scary. She had a look of fear mixed with excitement as she held herself open. He just looked hungry. I imagined him slowly pushing into her and the shocked look on her face as he did it. She would be so tight around him it would be like she was sucking out his cum with her vagina.

The sexy image in my mind helps as I try to ignore the spanks. Her voice to my left keeps up a steady litany of "hurry up" or "you can do it" or "come on, little boy" in between spanks that jiggle my cheeks.

It is feeling pretty good finally and I realize that my testicles aren't bouncing off my leg as much. I am pretty close and my knees get weak all of sudden. "That's it" she chides and picks up the pace. A just a couple spanks later, I am cumming with a moan. I remember to catch my boy milk with my left hand just at the last second. The warm sticky liquid fills my hand, "ooo, good boy, that's a big puddle of cum from such a little pee-pee. OK, squeeze it all out. Hurry up." I squeeze and pull hard to get the last little bit out just as my good orgasm feelings end.

"Good boy, over you go. Be careful with that handful of cum," she reminds me. It is tricky to do with one hand seconds after I just had an orgasm. My legs are wobbly even. I get down and realize that I have to hold my hand full of semen almost right in front of my face. Right hand flat on the floor, the back of my left hand resting on the floor, little puddle of semen carefully balanced in my palm, her left leg under my ribs, right leg under my hips, softening penis dangling in space between, wood resting on my bottom, and then gone.

"Oh God," I exclaim as she starts spanking. It feels harder and faster than before. It is at least faster--that is for sure--and it is everywhere. I am frozen in panic at how much it hurts. "Oh, no, ow, no, oh, oh, ow," and now I am just blubbering. It is strange to hear myself crying but I have no defenses left. Absentmindedly, I feel my penis bounce softly off her right leg. In spite of the tears in my eyes, I keep looking at the little puddle in my hand and blame it for everything.

Suddenly the room is quiet except for the sound of a little boy crying softly. "Oh, that's enough. Don't be such a baby. Get up, get up."

I struggle to get up not daring to risk spilling my precious little puddle. She moves me so that I am between her legs and then sits me down on her lap and gently rubs my back.

"We're all done. No more spanking, OK?" I nod in agreement. "Now, you can wash your hands, but no washing your face. I want our guests for dinner to see how you look after a spanking. And no clothes either. I want to be sure you learned your lesson and your penis stays nice and little. I'm sure our guests will want to see that red bottom of yours too. OK, off you go."

As I wash my hands, the sting in my bottom starts to tingle. Ever so slightly my penis jerks its approval and a tear of despair works its way down my cheek.


Anonymous said...

I have had to address my erection with my wife "Mommy' watching and scolding me. I have faced the wall displaying my very spanked bare bottom, sometimes totally naked other times with my pants and underpants around my ankles. It is when I'm told to put my jammies on, little boy jammies, face the wall and others see I dread the most. Her friends enjoy visiting after I'm spanked, get called naughty little boy, and Mommy gave you a well deserve spanking. Jack

D said...

Anonymous said...I have had to address my erection with my wife "Mommy' watching and scolding me. I have faced the wall displaying my very spanked bare bottom, sometimes totally naked other times with my pants and underpants around my ankles. It is when I'm told to put my jammies on, little boy jammies, face the wall and others see I dread the most. Her friends enjoy visiting after I'm spanked, get called naughty little boy, and Mommy gave you a well deserve spanking. Jack December 25, 2020 at 5:26 AM!
Thanks for commenting. My CC once said that if my Penis had a butt, She would spank it bright red.