CC Always Knows

CC always knows that when she sends
 me to our room. I know what’s coming 
and always think hard about why!

CC always knows when it’s time to start giving me
 the dreaded Scolding / Lecture/dressing-down!

CC always knows when it’s time to
 stop talking and get down to business!

CC always knows that my butt needs to be
 properly bared to be disciplined and
 that I should always bare my own bottom!

CC always knows what posture will put my
 naughty bottom in just the right position for discipline!

CC always knows if her hand will be enough
 or if she needs to pull out one of the Big Guns!
 A hairbrush, paddle, belt, strap, or spoon.

CC always knows that a spanking should always 
hurt and tears and squirms should
 never stop her from doing what is needed. 

CC always knows when it’s enough and
 its time to stop the spanking and start
 hugging and kissing,
 letting me know all is forgiven. 

Thank the good Lord! 
My CC always knows! :-)

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