119 of My Favorite Spanking Quotes

1. The Belt leaves burning hot bands of pure fire.
2. Unfasten your pants and prepare your bottom for the spanking journey of a life time.
3.You better never say no to Mammy, unless your bare hide wants tanning!
4. A boy with a red bottom, is a boy who learnt a lesson.
5. During the experience all you want is for it to end, but once it ends you can’t stop thinking about it and how incredibly aroused you are. 6. It’s a ‘catch 22’.
7. Struggle all you want, you’re getting spanked on your bare behind!
8. That difficult moment when you have to admit that yes, you have earned a spanking.
9. Don’t cry because it hurts. Smile because it happened.
10. Your sorry little promises don’t mean nothing to me.
11. As much as it hurts to sit, there’s no place as comforting as sitting on a woman’s lap after she’s tanned your hide.
12. CC - I’m into men who like dancing on my lap.
13. She took my hand, looking at me sympathetically "I think I know what you need. There’s a hairbrush in the bedroom. 
14. We’re going to take care of those guilty feelings for you."
15. I’ll see you in the bedroom and your bottom better be bared!
16. Take your pants down for me right now . 
17. I am going to paddle your bottom till you can’t sit.
18. If you act like a naughty boy, I’ll treat you like one" she explained, punctuating each word with a hot smack from the hairbrush. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!
19. Finally he accepted his fate, and thrust out his beet red bottom to absorb the smacks. I slowed the punishment down as his bum rose to meet the spatula and he sobbed each time. What a rush, I thought, as I slowly smacked him to a roaring orgasm.
20. "Never retract, never explain, never apologize - get the thing done and let them howl!" - Nellie McClung (1915)
21. Give me a call if you need a repeat dose. Your bottom looks gorgeous in red.
22. No! No! N-no!" he cried. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" cracked her paddle in response."
23. Get your shorts off and get into the bedroom, " she ordered with a wink. 
24. She opened the kitchen drawer and got out a spoon." "I’m taking that hard little ass of yours to town tonight."
25. What does it feel like to be spanked by a woman? Dominated, controlled, completely at her whim. Lying over her knees like a naughty child while she gives you what you deserve, not stopping until she’s satisfied."
26. You want to spank my bottom hard don’t you? Put me over your knee and give me a good dose of this brush. Maybe even on the bare,"
27. When it was over, I buried my face in her neck and had a good cry.
28. "If you don’t straighten up young man, I’ll get the wooden spoon"
29. She ratted me out & I got my bare behind spanked for it.
30. That’ll teach you to push my buttons.
31. CC is not happy and when CC is not happy a spanking is on the way.
32. You are a little liar and I can’t abide being lied to. Get me my hairbrush and hurry up about it.
33. I am not putting up with behavior like that. Get me my hairbrush, NOW BOY!!!!
34. You are an insolent little boy and I don’t care how old you are. 
35. I am going to spank you. Go and get my hairbrush and hurry up about it.
36. CC says those britches come down NOW!"
37. She pulled out a chair, sat down, and told me to come over and pull down my pants.
38. You’ve become a little too big for your britches," she scolded him. "It’s time to remind you who’s the boss here!
39. You’ll behave yourself or find yourself back here again. Do you hear me, mister!
40. Son, don’t make me tell you again! Get them britches off and get on that bed!
41. I love watching him dance around after a really HARD Blistering with my bottom destroying hairbrush.
42. If you were my little man, your ass would be redder than a firetruck.
43. Did I say you could pull your pants back up"
44. "Bend Boy!" or "Bend Over Boy"
45. "Your in big trouble MISTER"
46. "You think I’m not afraid to put you over my knee, right here in front of everybody ."
47. "I think we need to take your pants down."
48. If you don’t get your rear end off this coach right now and in that kitchen you won’t be able to sit down for quite sometime!"
49. "Enough is enough I’m giving you a spanking"
50. "Take down your underpants young man!"
51. "Young man you are itching for a good spanking"
52. "If I have to come in there, you will be one sorry little boy"
53. "Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about".
54. "I’ll get my Hairbrush".
55. "Would you like a spanking young man?"
56. "Do you want your pants taken down?"
57. "I’m gonna blister your bare ass till you can’t sit for a week."
58. "Go take your pants off and get the brush!!"
59. "Somebody needs to get there butt Spanked."
60. "Bare your bottom young man!"
61. "Do you want me to bare your bottom and give you a spanking!"
62. "You want to be put over my knee!"
63. "Someone needs their pants taken Down"
64. "If you were my little one, you’d be getting your butt spanked right now"
65. "Tender bottomed tyke"
66. "Get your pants down!…NOW!"
67. "You need to be taught a good Lesson"
68. "I’m going to put some heat to your seat"
69. "Shame on you, I should take your pants down and spank you for that."
70. "Get your cute little butt over here"
71. "If it were up to me! You would be getten it right now".
73. "Your going to get what’s coming to you!"
74. "I’m going to put some nice little blisters on your sweet little Tushy"
75. "You act like a naughty little brat…your going to get spanked like one"
76. That Naughty one needs his butt royally blistered"
77. "We’ll discuss it after I’ve punished you"
78. Please Mommy, not my undies too..
79. Are you brave enough to want be spanked with her hairbrush for it.
80. Your pants are coming down for all to see how just naughty you have been.
81. Get to it, You know the drill"
82. I told you I’d warm your bottom!
83. I’m going to turn you across my knee!
84. Please mommy no! I didn’t mean to do it!
85. Oh yes my boy! those little undies are coming down too.
86. The way you been acting lately, you deserve good butt whipping.
87. Turn him over to me…I’ve have him shaped up in no time.
88. You put your nose in that corner and don’t you dare move it or I’ll blister your butt some more.
89. Oh PLEASE mommy please don’t make me bare my bottom ! please can I leave my undies up!
90. Now stop all that wriggling and take your punishment like a man.
91. You know the rules - bare bottom spanking and bare for the rest of the day.
92. Don’t be such a big baby - I have only just started!
93. Are we ready to put the hairbrush away…or do you want me to smoke your butt some more?
94. Now come along with me - we have a bottom to blister!"
95. Don’t give me that look! You know you’ve earned it.
96. You just stand there with your pants down and think about why you got your butt spanked.
97. I said stick your butt up!
98. Remove every stitch of your clothing and put your hands behind your head.
99. Not another word, do you hear me? I have had it with your excuses….
100. Bare your bottom!
101. You know the routine! spank and ask questions later.
102. You my little man have a date with Mr. Belt!
103. Oh please mommy not in front of her!
104. Take your pants down now & bend over the bed!
105. "If I catch you doing that one more time (your name), your going to get a spanking"!
106. Ok, you were told once already, and now I’m going to give you a spanking"!
107. Get inside right this minute! You know better than to do that! 108. Your getting a spanking"!
109. Need I remind you that in this house, we spank on the bare"
110. "Get on that bed, and stick your butt up"
111. "You need to put that young man over your knee when he does that"
112. "Do I need to come out there and pull down your pants"
113. "You’ll be over my knee with your pants down so fast you won’t know what hit you."
114. "I would just die if she ever took my pants down like that"
115. "I’ll gladly Lick you Tuesday for a Butt Spanking today "
116. I’m going to spank you on your bare bottom just like a bad little boy.
117. Go to your room and pull down your pants.
118. I always buck my butt up and down frantically in response to the stinging licks of CC’s spoon!
119. You’ll behave yourself or find yourself back here again. Do you hear me, mister!

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