Friday, May 22, 2020

My Screaming Cries of Woe and Anguish

“Now young man;
I will continue with your
 lessons in complete obedience!

CC is a pretty woman 
who is just bound
 and determined to do her best
 when it came to spanking.

 My CC is plenty strong enough
to make a man like me
 regret my naughty transgressions.

 Her beautiful hair
 pulled up in a tight bun. 
Her facial expression.
The way she hold the Hairbrush! 

It is the same every time she punishes me. 
Same old story; just a new chapter.

With her right hand CC retrieves her
 hair brush and then with her
 left arm pulls me in and
 secures me firmly on her ample lap.

For next five minutes the loud smack of CC's
 hairbrush and my screaming cries of woe 
and anguish reverberate loudly off the bedroom walls.


My Screaming Cries of Woe and Anguish 
It Just our way of having fun! 
Happy Spankings to you and yours!

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